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Flight Stories

Our senior veterans served in a variety of ways, and each has a unique story to tell. We’ve listed several here.

June 9 Flight – The roster includes veterans who

  • served in Korea, Intercept Voice Operator
  • was 116th AHC Crew Chief – Door Gunner
  • served onboard USS Tutuila ARG4, providing support for Coast Guard and Navy River Patrol Craft, Mekong Delta
  • was Radioman on Orion P-3 Turbo Prop; flew recon over Gulf of Tonkin AFB
  • served in USA in Military Police
  • was Electrician with US Naval Mobile Constructino Battalion 121 (Seebees), Gia Le and Red Beach, Da Nang
  • served in Vietnam as Radio Operator/Medivacs
  • was Acquisition Radar Operator, Ft. Hancock, NJ
  • served as Quartermaster. Rode the Queen Mary in 1945 to Germany
  • was Ship Fitter Metal on USS Hickman County LST-825
  • served as Aerial Engineer, Iceland
  • was a dentist, Camp Pendleton, CA
  • was Crew Chief, F-4, Tampa, FL and Cam Ranh Bay
  • served onboard USS Saratoga CV-60, Disbursement Clerk
  • was Air Traffic Controller during Korea and Vietnam – Okinawa, VA, CA, FL, NM, Bermuda, Newfoundland, Greenland, Korea, and Germany


May 19 Flight – The roster included veterans who

  • served 1st Recon Battalion; squad leader and checking bridges; 2 tours; was awarded 2 Purple Hearts
  • was Medical Specialist, Combat Medic; awarded Purple Heart
  • served on Admiral’s staff, Anti-Sub Warfare Carrier Groups
  • was helicopter crew chief & turbine engine repairman
  • served in Japan and Fitzsimons Gen. Hosp, Denver; Medical Records Specialist
  • was Flight Engineeer on B-17 bomber
  • served as Security Police, Minuteman Missile Complex, Minot AFB
  • was radar mechanic and operator on troop ship taking German prisoners to Europe and bring US troops home
  • served in 101st Airborne I Corps; Aircraft Commander, Chinook
  • provided communication support for VP Squadrons (P-3 Orions)
  • was Tank Commander 11th ACR; awarded Purple Heart
  • served in Vietnam as Construction Engineer, paved roads; awarded Purple Heart
  • was Parachute Rigger and C-130 Loadmaster at VR-24

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